Where will the newest game store in the Denver metro area be opening?

Where will the newest game store in the Denver metro area be opening?

Posted on Nov 23, 2015 in Blog, Store Spotlight

We’ve got a store spotlight for you this week as we interview the owner of the newly minted Funtastic Games, Corey Pemberton.


RMG: What’s your involvement with Funtastic Games?
CP: I am the owner/operator.

RMG: Tell us briefly about Funtastic Games:
CP: Funtastic Games is the newest game store to come to the Denver area. I sell board, miniature, card, RPG and educational kid games along with puzzles and some toys. I will have a store front for sales and a separated Gaming area to come and play any game you would like to share with friends, family or meet new people to game with. I also have a large private room for parties or even RPG Adventures!

RMG: You’re a brand new store, what are the dates and details of your grand opening?
CP: I will be opening on Saturday Nov. 28th and my Grand Opening will be on Saturday Dec. 5th. At the Grand Opening we will be open from 10am – 10pm, There will be free food from 12pm-3pm, (menu will be listed later on my Facebook page), Game Demos all day including popular board games, great new miniature games, and some D&D/Pathfinder games. And of course a nice DISCOUNT for everyone that wants to swing by and check out my new store.

RMG: How did you choose Funtastic Games as the name?
CP: Funtastic Games is just one of those names that stick in your head and you cannot shake it out. I am a game store that is looking to cater to 3 different types of groups the biggest being Families, second is young professionals and third, of course, hard core gamers. So I wanted my name to bring out the type of Funtastic Family FUN that I [want] my store to become.

RMG: How would you describe Funtastic Games?

RMG: What inspired you to have a game shop?
CP: I have been a huge gamer for 25+ years and when I moved back to my home state of Colorado I decided that it was time to open my own business and have some fun again doing something that I loved to do.

RMG: How many people work at Funtastic Games? Tell us about them.
CP: Just one at the moment (Me), with some family help, my wife is my CPA and my two boys will be helping out as needed to run demos and anything else I can get them to do.

RMG: Why did you choose Lousville, CO to base the shop?
CP: Louisville is a great location for many business and personal reasons. I love the North Denver area and wanted to live in the Longmont area, I have always wanted to live on the front range. As for business reasons the Louisville/Lafayette/Boulder area is one of the fastest growing areas for families and when it comes to Game stores it is also one of the highest educated areas in Denver and fit my demographics I was looking for.

RMG: What makes Funtastic Games different than other area game stores?
CP: I guess the major difference is that I will be family orientated and really promoting the family’s need to unplug and reconnect with family and friends. Don’t get me wrong, I will still have miniature games and card games, but my major focus will be on Board games and Kids educational games.

RMG: What is your favorite games at the moment below:
CP: I hope I can have 2, life is too short for only one game in each category!

RMG: Favorite RPG?
CP: D&D & Pathfinder

RMG: Favorite Board Game?
CP: Zombicide and a new amazing game coming out in December named AVP!!!(I have a copy already so stop in to check this game out, especially if you like Aliens Vs. Predator the movies!)

RMG: Favorite Minis game?
CP: This is a tough one because that is where I started in gaming and I have played almost all of them but right now DropZone Commander and Wild West Exodus are my two favorites.

RMG: Favorite card game?
CP: I have to admit card games are my least played games but I do like Magic and Ascension.

RMG: What are some of your goals for Funtastic Games?
CP: Short term: Have fun, grow the store to be super busy, run tons of events and tournaments, work with schools and local educators to teach the kids about the new games. Long term: Start a second store in south Denver, get involved with the CON’s in the Denver area and maybe move into a larger store in the future.

RMG: What type of gamers do you hope frequent Funtastic Games?
CP: Everyone!!!

RMG: Anything specific you’d like to mention about the shop, upcoming events, or anything else?
CP: Right now I am just focused on getting the store open, getting all the games on the shelves and I am really looking forward to the Grand Opening on Dec. 5th. I hope to see a ton of people at my Grand Opening so I can show them my awesome store! Events will come next, I will be picking special nights for the weekly groups and looking for Magic judges and tournament organizers very soon to start all the fun at my store.

You can learn more about Funtastic Games on their website and Facebook page.

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