ThanksGaming Charity Event Organizer Interview

ThanksGaming Charity Event Organizer Interview

Posted on Oct 17, 2013 in Blog, Organizer Interview

This week we talk to Justin Suzuki (@JustinSuzuki), the organizer for the ThanksGaming charity event. This event is held at Total Escape Games in Broomfield Colorado on Sunday November 2nd,  for more information, prices, location, & how to register see the calendar event.

What is Thanksgaming?
ThanksGaming is a tabletop gaming day that is held for charity.

How did you choose Broomfield FISH to benefit? What do they do?
Total Escape Games and those who help organize ThanksGaming wanted the Autumn event to help out food banks. We also wanted to pick a local charity to help out. Last year we picked Broomfield FISH because they provide holiday meals to families in need. FISH is a local food bank and charity.

How much of the proceeds go to Broomfield FISH?
100% of the money goes to charity. Right now we are lucky in the fact that TEG gives us the space for free and we have zero overhead. It will be my goal to keep it that way if at all possible, but as the event has grown I can see the possibility of needing a larger space.

How long has Thanksgaming been running?
ThanksGaming has been running for a three years now. It started out being called, Rise of the Wombat.

How many attendees do you expect to have?
We expect to have at least 80 attendees.

80 attendees is quite a lot, can the TEG store handle that many or do you have additional space?
TEG is able to handle 8 game tables going at once. So six players at each table. Plus the landlord of the shopping center has agreed to let us use an empty storefront to allow us to run more tables. Plus all 80 don’t play at once. We have three game slots throughout the day (9-1, 2-6, 7-11).

What kind of events will you have? 
For the first time we will have board gaming. [Organized by the Conclave of Gamers] Other than that we have a ton of fun games that still have spaces available.

Any specific con events you would like to highlight?
We’ll be having several drawings for additional donations to Broomfield FISH.

Tell us more about the drawings
What we will have is multiple prizes and spots in front of every prize for people to put tickets into. In a sense they are bidding on the prizes they want to win. If they get 20 tickets they can put all 20 into one prize draw to increase the chances of winning. Tickets are given out to everyone who plays in a game, plus you can buy more tickets and help us raise more money for FISH.

Who are your sponsors for the drawings?
The prize sponsors so far: Andy’s Movie Minute, Conclave of Gamers, Denver Gamers Association, Dune Trader Games, Front Range Games, Margaret Weis Productions, Reality Blurs, Rocky Mountain GeeksRoleplayDNA,  & Total Escape Games will also provide some prizes.

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