Store Spotlight: Adventurer’s Quarter

Store Spotlight: Adventurer’s Quarter

Posted on Oct 12, 2013 in Blog, Store Spotlight

For our first article, Rocky Mountain Geeks interviews the the new Arvada, Colorado game store, Adventurer’s Quarter. We talked with Jacob, one of the co-owners and this is what he had to say.
How did you choose Adventurer’s Quarter as the name?
Adventurer’s Quarter is a district in the town of Waterdeep in the Dungeons and Dragons setting. Rick and I met playing D&D, so a quarter of town where fellow adventurers could meet up seemed like the perfect title for what we wanted to create.

How would you describe Adventurer’s Quarter?
We’re a game store focused on teaching new games, making even the most daunting looking games fun, and keeping the community stocked with the type of games they want to play.

What inspired you to have a game shop?
Rick’s been playing RPGs and board games for decades and has always wanted to create a nerdy place to meet new folks; while I worked in the game industry and played as many tabletop games as I could find. Together we felt our combined knowledge could create something awesome for Colorado gamers to enjoy since there were so few options in the area.

How many people work at AQ? Who are they?
Just two right now, Rick and myself. We’ve got some great volunteers coming by for specific game nights to demo and run events like Magic and Munchkin.

Why did you choose downtown Arvada to base AQ?
We wanted a game store people off the street could feel comfortable walking into and Arvada has a lot of folks walking by all day; some who have played games before and a lot of new folks just looking to learn.

What are some of your goals for AQ?
Ideally we’d love to be a reliable source for your local gaming needs, whether it be for new releases or classic games. Eventually we’d love to serve food and drink on the premises and make our store as much a destination as it is a location to grab games.

What type of gamers frequent AQ?
We’ve got a lot of casual gamers just looking for space to meet new people. There’s also a slowly growing miniature wargaming crowd, playing Infinity, Warhammer and Warmachine, who are super enthusiastic and love to show off their armies. Our Magic: The Gathering playerbase is very laid back and takes the competition in stride win or lose.

Anything specific you’d like to mention?
We’re always open to events being held at the store, so drop us a line if you need a gaming space to raise awareness or just have a good time. For instance: October 20th the Everitt Middle School is raising money for their music department and we’ll be playing games all day to that end!

What are your regular store events?

  • Monday – Modeling and Painting Night: 5-8pm
  • Tuesday- Board Game Night: 5-8pm
  • Wednesday – D&D Encounters Night: 5-8pm
  • Friday – Magic: 5-8pm
  • Saturday – Freeplay Wargaming: 10am-10pm
  • Sunday – Freeplay Board Games: 10am-8pm

Where can we find Adventurer’s Quarter:

Address: 5777 Olde Wadsworth Blvd R500, Arvada, Colorado 80002
Twitter: @AdventQuarter
G+: Adventurer’s Quarter

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