Rocky Mountain Con Organizer Interview

Rocky Mountain Con Organizer Interview

Posted on Oct 23, 2013 in Blog, Organizer Interview

The beginning of next month will bring Coloradans a new geek convention. Rocky Mountain Con will debut on November 9th & 10th at the DIA Crowne Plaza hotel. For more information on the con, see the Rocky Mountain Con event listing.


We interviewed Tim, the convention organizer and this is what he had to say.

What kind of con is Rocky Mountain Con?

  • Rocky Mountain Con really is about all things geek. We are working hard to bring in something for everyone.

How long has Rocky Mountain Con been running?

  • This is the first of what we hope to be many Rocky Mountain Con’s. We have been wanting to do this for years and thought now is the time.

Aurora RiseHow did you get connected with Aurora Rise?

  • To be honest I have been on the Board of Directors for Aurora Rise since day one. Many of the others helping with this convention also help with Aurora Rise.

How many attendees do you expect to have?

  • By our numbers we are looking to have between 2-5 thousand people attend. Since this really is about charity we hope we have even more so we are trying to get the word out as much as we can.

What kind of vendors will you have?

  • We have worked very hard to get all kinds of vendors in from comics, games, anime, cosplay, toys and scifi.

How many vendors?

  • We just opened up more vendor space by moving the gaming area to its own room so we are looking to add a lot more to our list and in Artist Alley. Right now we have over 20 and adding everyday.

Any specific con events you would like to highlight?

  • We are really excited that are panels are going to be more on the learning side. We are calling it Comics U but it is so much more then that. We want people to really learn how to get into comics and hoe to make things for their costumes and more.

What kind of game events will you have?

  • We will feature sanctioned Yu-Gi-Oh, HeroClix and Magic The Gathering tournaments in the gaming area and are looking to add more as we speak.

Where can we find out more information?

Thanks Tim!

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