Organizer Interview: Greg Richardson of Animeland Wasabi and Colorado Cutthroat Connection

Organizer Interview: Greg Richardson of Animeland Wasabi and Colorado Cutthroat Connection

Posted on Nov 8, 2013 in Blog, Organizer Interview

This week we talk to Greg Richardson of Animeland Wasabi and Colorado Cutthroat Connection.

Greg, tell our readers who you are and what your involvement with Animeland and Colorado Cutthroat Connection.

Hello, my name is Gregory Richardson, owner of Colorado Cutthroat Connection (C3) and the National Video Game Association (NVGA). We are marketing and event management group for large gaming events across the nation. In terms of our involvement with Animeland, C3 has provided the ultimate gaming experience over the last 6 years. Going into its 7th year C3 was asked to take a large role in the convention with operations and the overall functionality of the show. I accepted the role as Director of Operations for Animeland and looking to grow the C3 and Animeland brand together.

What conventions do you put on in Colorado?

Currently C3 supports the following shows:
Denver Comic Con
Animeland Wasabi
Rocky Mountain CollectorCon

What kind of con is Animeland Wasabi?

Animeland Wasabi is a pop-culture show with an emphasis on anime. Anime has been influential in all of pop culture and Animeland showcases this influence by providing great programming surrounding all things anime. Based on the idea of “New Way to Anime”, Animeland tries to bring a new approach of experience anime.

What kind of con is Cutthroat Con?

CutthroatCon is gaming convention showcasing all gaming in Colorado. CutthroatCon is also the championship for our national program SuperCon 2K Series. Overall the show is made to showcases all gaming in Colorado and beyond through panels and workshops, competitive and casual play, showcasing new gaming products and more.

What are the dates for each con?

Animeland Wasabi 2014 is February 28th – March 2nd 2014. CutthroatCon is slated for the end of the year

How long has each con been going?

Animeland Wasabi is a going on it’s 7th year while CutthroatCon is going on its 4th year

How many attendees did you have for each con last year? How many attendees do you expect to have for each con this year?

Animeland Wasabi capped at 4000 attendees last year but is looking to grow to 15,000+ in 2014. CutthroatCon brought in 500 players from the southwest area

What kind of vendors will you have for each con?

Both cons provides a variety of vendors from different industries. From game development, anime vendors, sword vendors, comicbook vendors and more each con provides a variety of opportunities for to find anything and everything they desire in anime, comicbook and gaming.

Do you have special guests? Who are your guests for each con?

Both Animeland Wasabi and CutthroatCon present a variety of guest. From the gaming side of the fence we bring in guest such as Justin Wong and Jacob Davis. From the anime and pop culture side of things we bring in guest such:

• Jeremy Shada, star of Finn on adventure time
• Johnny Yong Bosh, former black power ranger, voice of characters in Bleach
• David Vincent, voice actor for Bleach and a variety of games
• All our guest for Animeland Wasabi are located here –

Animeland WasabiAny specific con events you would like to highlight?

Animeland Wasabi and CutthroatCon put a big emphasis on gaming. The game room for both events is one of kind and is the #1 provider of the ultimate game room in the nation. Other events at Animeland Wasabi include our maid café, candy kingdom and our technosabi event. Details about our events at Animeland Wasasbi can be found here –

What kind of tabletop game events will you have?

Both CutthroatCon and Animeland Wasabi feature tabletop gaming events such as Heroclix and other popular table top gaming games. With the help of Conclave of Gamers we plan to bring a huge variety of tabletop gaming action to this event.

Anything else you’d like to mention?

Both Animeland Wasabi and CutthroatCon work together with Denver Comic Con to provide a great con experience for everyone in Colorado. All these shows share a commonality which is they all use C3 to bring the gap between each other by using similar tools from C3 to be successful in what they do.

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