Organizer Interview: Conclave of Gamers

Organizer Interview: Conclave of Gamers

Posted on Oct 28, 2013 in Blog, Organizer Interview

This week we interview Chad Uecker, organizer of the Conclave of Gamers. CoG is in the process of raising money to expand Conclave 2014 on Kickstarter.

What is the Conclave of Gamers?

The Conclave of Gamers is a gaming convention in the Denver area that focuses on table-top gaming of all kinds: board and card games, role-playing games and miniature games. We have scheduled games, events and tournaments, but we also encourage open gaming. So, everyone who comes is encouraged to bring some of their favorite games to share and teach. You are welcome to ask to join any game that isn’t full and start any game as long as there is an available table.

We’re also a convention that wants to expand the gaming hobby. Therefore, we are open to all level of gamers. We can help you find a great game to play whether you are new to the hobby or a veteran. Except for a couple of tournaments, all of our games will have the rules explained before play begins, so this is a great opportunity to give gaming a try!

How long has CoG been running?

This will be our 3rd year.

How many attendees do you had in the past and how many expect to have this year?

The first year we had 80 people, the second year we had 100 and for our third we’re expecting 250 – 400+ attendees. We’ve added RPG’s and miniatures for next year, a sanctioned Puffy Billy tournament and have moved to a great venue.

What kind of events will you have?

We’re still at the beginning of scheduling events but we already have:
* a game developer’s area for beta/play testing – we already have 5 developers who are on board and two others that are tentative.
* a Puffing Billy tournament (train games)
* Flames of War and De Bellis Antiquitatis tournaments (miniatures games)
* plans for a variety of board game tournaments
* plans for a variety of scheduled RPG’s including the standards along with a new RPG: Shaintar.

In addition, as an open gaming convention, there will be hundreds of other games played throughout the weekend as our attendees can start any of their own games or check out a game from our board game library.

Any specific con events you would like to highlight?

As always we’ll have a table-top gaming auction, for people to buy and sell used games.

Anything else you’d like to mention?

Our Kickstarter is going now and the more pre-registrations we get now, the more events and possible special guests we can add for 2014.

Where can we find Conclave of Gamers online?



Twitter: @conclaveofgamer


Conclave Leaderboard 3 728x90


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